Ptarmigan are fun to hunt, terrific eating birds, and are abundant and easy to find on Adak.

Adak is home to the Chamberlain’s Ptarmigan subspecies.  They are larger than mainland Rock ptarmigan. 

Rock ptarmigan like elevated rocky slope tundra area.  This fits Adak’s description perfectly.  Adak ptarmigan have little pressure from hunters and minimal predator pressure.  There are no foxes on Adak.  These factors make Adak ptarmigan  plentiful throughout the island. 

During the summer ptarmigan tend to stay on higher valley areas in rocky and grassy areas.  The ptarmigan move down to lower elevations during the winter.  You can often find them near sea level in the winter.  They are also often found near coastal water in the winter as well.

The ptarmigan on Adak will be mostly brown throughout the summer but will start molting in late September to early October to their white winter plumage. 

2017 Season dates are August 10th to April 30th.   Limits are as plentiful as the ptarmigan and set at 20 ptarmigan per day, 40 are allowed in possession.