Freshwater and Saltwater fishing on and around Adak is the best kept secret.  Adak has over 50 freshwater streams and many lakes.  Popular freshwater streams species are Dolly Varden, Rainbow Trout, Coastrange Sculpin, Sockeye, Pink, Chum, and Coho Salmon.

Dolly Varden are very common on Adak and can be caught July through November.  Common areas are Clam Lagoon near Candlestick Bridge and NavFac Creek.  Gannet and Constance Creeks are off the beaten path but can hold good Dolly Varden #’s.  The streams of Shagak Bay can also hold good #’s of Dolly Varden.  Casting along the beach between Clam Lagoon and Kuluk Bay can also yield Dolly Varden.

For those seeking Rainbow Trout try the the two creeks on the east end of Shagak Bay (Shagak 3 and Shagak 4).

Sockeye Salmon will require a journey by boat or a long hike.  Best places on Adak are Hidden Bay Creek and Constance Creek.  Many people enjoy the strong run of sockeye on inlets in the strait and Quail Bay on neighboring Kagalaska Island.  Best times are July through early September.

Coho Salmon run a little later than other Salmon on Adak.  Peak times are Mid-September to Early November.  Good creeks can be Sweeper, NoName (off of Clam Lagoon), Shagak 5(North-East Corner of Shagak Bay), Finger Bay Creek, and Mitt Creek (in Sweeper Cove).

Pink Salmon are found in about every stream on Adak!

Pink Salmon are extremely common on Adak.  It’s difficult to find a stream that doesn’t hold some pink salmon.  Best streams are Finger Bay Creek, Little Thumb Creek, Gannet Creek, and Shagak Creek 6.  Best times are Mid-August to Mid-September.

Lake Andrew holds Dolly Varden, Kokanee, Coho Salmon, Pink Salmon and Coastrange Sculpin.  Kokanee can be caught on shallow running spinners or on jigs. These fish are plentiful, fun to catch and great to eat!

Anglers may want to review this US Fish and Wildlife Service Report for additional information:

The oceans surrounding Adak hold world class Halibut fishing due to low fishing pressure.  Salmon, Black Rockfish and Pacific Cod are plentiful as well as a variety of other species.  The waters are also teaming with whales, seals and sea lions.

Two Great Halibut Anglers on the Left and Right Found this Fish!!

Adak Halibut!!