Welcome Information

Your visit to Adak is right around the corner! We’ve put together this welcome package to help you prepare for your trip. This information is VERY IMPORTANT, so please make sure to read it all!

Preparing for Your Trip

We tried to stock Aleutian Outfitters with the necessities for an enjoyable trip.  You do not need to bring linens or towels.  We have a kitchen stocked with pots, pans, plates, cups, flatware, etc. We have a traditional coffee maker at the lodge. We have typical utensils used for every-day cooking. If you are planning to make a gourmet meal and you can’t cook without your garlic press or lemon zester, you should probably plan to bring that!

We have city water at our lodges, safe for drinking! J You won’t need to buy bottled water for drinking and cooking with (unless you prefer it). 

The cleaners will provide you with starter amounts of trash liners, toilet paper, paper towel, soap, etc.  If you need more, just ask. 

Please remember to bring DVDs if you plan on watching dvd’s while on the island. We have a limited video library at each lodge for your use. We tried to pick a variety. Please help us keep these for future guests by returning videos to their proper cases.


Adak has a very small general store that sells essentials to survive.  The selection is extremely limited and likely not what you want.  No fresh food or meat.  The store is open 3 to 6 nights a week for 2 hours per night. 

We suggest bringing food with you.  We often bring bins of food from Anchorage when we are traveling through or food from your home location.  If you want to have frozen or cold storage for your food, make sure when you check your bins to ask Alaska Airlines to store them in cold storage.

You can check as baggage a 100 lb bin or box on Alaska Air for $100 or as regular baggage with a 50 lb limit.  Also, if you are a Club 49 member, you can drop off food at Alaska Air cargo and ship it out as well.  However, typically, this must be at least 6 hours before your flight.  If not, your cargo can be bumped to the next flight.  We’ve had food bumped to the next flight even when dropped off well ahead of time.  Please check with Alaska Air for current policies and cut off times.

There are two places to eat out on Adak currently.  However, both are closed often.  Do not plan on these being open for your meal needs.  If you would like to eat at a restaurant, we recommend that you let the restaurant know in advance and ask them if they are going to be open.  


Please advise all in your group about the No Smoking policy in the lodges and vehicles. People can smoke outside of the lodges and vehicles.  Please do not leave cigarette butts on the ground.

As a reminder, the terms and conditions agreed to when you booked the lodge state: A charge of $500 for additional cleaning will be applied if the smoking policies are violated.

Maintenance Issues

We try very hard to repair maintenance issues immediately, but in order to do that we rely on our guests letting us know when they find something that is in need of repair. The Adak weather is difficult on the vehicles and lodges.  If you have any cleaning or maintenance issues during your stay, please call us at (907) 572-9864.


There are Toyo stoves in our lodges in Kuluk and boilers in our lodges in Sandy Cove.  The Toyo stoves can be set on the stove itself.  The thermostats in these units do not work.  In the Sandy Cove units, there are thermostats in the upstairs and downstairs that control the heat in the unit. 


Many Aleutian Outfitters units have high speed wireless internet access for your use.  There should be passwords in units with wifi.  If you cannot find the password, please ask our lodge manager or call us at (907) 519-3630 or (907) 572-9864.


Adak has garbage dumpsters for the community.  These are located across the street from the Community Center/Post Office/Health Building/School (large white building).  Please make sure to open the door on these and dispose of your garbage and close the door.  These are always shut to prevent injury to our eagle population.  Please do not throw garbage on top of the dumpster as the tops are not open. 

Also, please do not dispose of animal or fish carcasses in the dumpsters.  Any fish or animal parts, carcasses or scraps should be disposed of outside of town.  Please make sure no one throws any garbage, cigarette butts, bottle or cans onto the ground.

Premium Local Services

Want to arrive at the lodge and find fresh baked cookies, scones or other bakery items? Call Carrie at Great Sitkin Services at (907) 572-6032.

Emergency Care

Medical facilities are very limited in Adak.  Eastern Aleutian Tribes operates a two-bed clinic staffed by a single Physician Assistant, Nurse Practitioner or Community Health Practitioner (paraprofessional). 

During business hours, call the clinic at 907-592-8383.  For after-hours emergencies, call 907-572-9989.  Generally, you need to provide your own transportation to the clinic, however a limited EMS service with a patient transport vehicle (ambulance) is available for patients who cannot be transported in a regular vehicle.

If you need a medevac (air ambulance) or land ambulance contact the clinic and they will arrange for transportation if necessary.  Medevacs are usually provided by private companies LifeMed or Guardian (both have insurance plans available) or the US Coast Guard.  Commercial medevacs cost in the 6 figures so make sure your insurance covers this service or you purchase an additional policy.

Aleutian Pribilof Island Association staffs a Village Public Safety Officer (VPSO) in Adak.  You can call his office at 907-592-4500 ext 110 or his cell phone at 907-545-6510.  The VPSO can respond to police, medical, fire, search & rescue or any other type of distress or emergency.

You can also dial 911 but response will be delayed and limited as it rings a distant State Troopers desk. 

Be aware of and be prepared for the volatile and changing weather.

Checking Out

Checkout time is 12:00 PM.  This is critical so no late check outs are acceptable since we have clients coming in on the same flight you are leaving on.  Our cleaners will be arriving at 12:00 sharp as they have a short window to prepare the lodges for the incoming guests.  Please ensure you have everything out of the lodge by 12:00 PM.

Before leaving:

  1. Turn heat down to 45 degrees.
  2. Turn off all lights.
  3. Make sure freezers are empty, cleaned, unplugged, and door open.
  4. Make sure washer and dryer are empty.
  5. Load and start the dishwasher.
  6. Take trash to the dumpsters across from community center.
  7. Leave vehicle keys in the vehicles.


If anything was accidentally damaged or broken during your stay, please let us know! Our goal is to keep the lodge in tip-top shape!  Please care for our lodge as you would care for something of your own that you loved and worked a lifetime for.  We’ve worked extremely hard to provide a great place in Adak.

We hope you have a fun and relaxing trip to Adak!


Cory and Scott

(907) 572-9864